• Natasha Rodham

Australia's Border Reopening: Why Visual Merchandising Matters More Than Ever

The wait is over! Australia’s borders have finally reopened to fully vaccinated international travellers, which is major news for the local retail industry that has experienced some of the most challenging years in history.

Reports say that more than one million people are preparing to visit Australia in the coming months. According to the Australian Retailer Association, tourists spent over $40 billion a year in this country before the pandemic.

The thing is that travellers are different from the average shopper. Often, they discover retail stores by chance, passing by your shop while on a walk or while killing time waiting for a table at the restaurant next door.

To capture the attention of tourists, you need to immerse them into the lifestyle of your brand – and quickly. So how will you set your brand apart in this newly competitive market and maximise sales?

Visual merchandising is all about telling your brand story the instant a customer enters your store. Each element plays a critical role in creating an engaging experience, from the window signage to the shop layout. Your brand should not only be seen but felt and experienced.

Where do you start?

Go back to the beginning and think critically about what your brand stands for. What is its personality? Taking the time to understand your brand will help provide clarity with the theme of your space and guide the overall ambience and your visual displays.

Next, it’s critical that you understand your audience. Creating a customer persona is an effective way to become more strategic in terms of messaging and imagery that will convert.

Then, it’s time to provide your shoppers with an emotional experience by using visual merchandising techniques and strategies that make shopping more experiential. Encourage your shoppers to touch and engage with the store itself as well as your product range. By paying close attention to your store design, you’ll stimulate sensory buying.

It’s never been more critical to ensure your visual merchandising program works as hard as possible. Reach out to us to discuss your marketing needs and learn how our national team can help you grow your store revenue in the coming months.